By: Mark Allen and Ari Armani

Toronto Real Estate Market! Prices ARE UP! WHY?! (June 2020)

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  As we progress, the more we see the true impact of CoronaVirus ( COVID-19) on the overall Canadian and Global Economy. The REAL effect of CoronaVirus on Toronto’s real estate market is still unfolding! However, markets all across the globe are not the same. That also applies to the real estate market in Canada. You might see all kinds of news headlines about Toronto’s...Read More

By: Mark Allen and Ari Armani

COVID-19 And the Toronto Real Estate Market

Tags: Budget, Toronto, Housing, Economic Growth, Markets, Real Estate, Investing, COVID-19

  Toronto Real Estate Market Amid COVID19! Prices were UP 14.5%! WHY?! (April 2020)       The CoronaVirus effect on Toronto’s real estate market was huge! We’ll see the perfect im...Read More

By: Mark Allen

Top 5 Pre Construction Launching soon and Top 5 Current Inventory

Tags: Pre Construction, New Condos, Platinum Access, Toronto, Housing, Economic Growth, Markets, Real Estate, Investing

We rounded up our top 5 pre-construction projects that are launching and our top 5 with current inventory! If you're looking to invest or purchase a new condo - get in touch and we'll walk you through all the steps. Investing in a pre-construction condo in Toronto is still a fantastic investment option and we highly recommend it. Check out our top 5's below. Email: info@origingroup.c...Read More

By: Arash Ameripour

Toronto Real Estate November 2019 Market Update - Sales and Price way up!

Tags: Analyst, Toronto, Housing, Economic Growth, Markets, Real Estate, Investing, Home Sales, Market Stats

Toronto Home Sales Increased 14.2% Year Over Year! Condo Apartments stealing the show with 10.9% Price Increase in Toronto! Read more below:   Read all you need to know about Toronto’s housing market at the beginning of December 2019. Read it First here!   General Toronto Housing Market Analysis:   Past month Toronto real estate agents did 7,090 sales through the TREB&rsquo...Read More

By: Mark Allen

TREB Monthly GTA Market Stats-Highest Price Gains since 2017!

Tags: Budget, Toronto, Housing, Economic Growth, Markets, Real Estate, Investing

General Toronto Real Estate Market Analysis, November 5, 2019: Reviewing the sale information from TREB’s MLS? in the past month shows 8,491 residential sales, which compared to the same time last year shows a whopping 14% increase in the number of sales from 7,448 in October 2018.  Looking at the average price of the units sold shows 5.5% increase Year over Year. Average price of th...Read More

By: Mark Allen

Featured in Narcity Canada

Tags: Narctiy, Narcity Toronto, Narcity Canada, Toronto, Arts, Brookfield Place, Real Estate, Into The Clouds

We had our picture of “Into The Clouds” featured in a Narcity Canada article.    Brookfield's atrium is a great space to showcase art exhibits, the modern light-filled Allen Lambert galleria attracts many tourists and city dwellers alike. And the “Into the clouds” installation is perfect for a Mid-Summer showing. The cute white fluffy clouds immediately grab...Read More

By: Mark Allen

Interior Design Fanatics! We love the high design furniture world.

Tags: Interiors, Knoll, Toronto, Real Estate, Interior Design, Luxury Furniture, Stylish, High Design

We are Interior Design fanatics who always strive to be up to date on the latest trends, colours and uber stylish furniture. A few sources for timeless high design we would recommend to our most discerning clientele are Knoll or Herman Miller. Knoll and Herman Miller are modern furniture purveyors that sell and design some of the finest pieces ever created. Personally, we woul...Read More

By: Mark Allen

Toronto is North America's fastest growing City!!

Tags: Budget, Toronto, Housing, Economic Growth, Markets, Real Estate, Investing

  The growth in our city is amazing! We are looking forward to continued abundant prosperity for Toronto. Population growth is a fantastic indicator that shows the strength of a city - if people want to move here then our city must have world-class offerings, such as jobs, which we also need to mention. In April 2019 Canada saw record jobs numbers with 106,500 new jobs added and unemplo...Read More

By: Mark

Federal Budget Tabled - New Housing Measures Being Offered!

Tags: Budget, Toronto, Housing

  Federal Budget Tabled - New housing measures being offered. First-time homebuyers may be able to take $35,000 each(up from $25,000) from their RRSP soon. CMHC could fund 5-10%(resale-new build, respectively) of some mortgages on homes with a cap at $480k to assist new buyers with household incomes of $120,000 or less providing around $1.25B over three years for the “Buyer Incent...Read More

By: Mark

RRSP Information for First-Time Buyers

Tags: RRSP, Home Buyers Plan, Toronto, First-Time Buyers

Home Buyer's Program The Home Buyer's Program is a federal program granted to first-time buyers in which first-timers can withdraw up to $35,000 after March 2019 from their RRSP to either buy or build a qualifying home. Withdrawals that meet the HBP programs conditions do not have to be included in your income come tax season, and you will not be subject to the dreaded WHT or withholdin...Read More

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